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Legends of the Swan

a challenge tournament

We will be holding a challenge tournament at
Gulf Wars X
in March, 2001
The tourney is planned for Wednesday evening, beginning at 5PM.
Please contact me if you want to enter the tourney.

The Questions

    The tenans (challengers) will be asked to answer a question for the Gallery.
They will select one from the list below, each question to be answered only once.

Please relate to the Gallery a tale of great Sacrifice you have witnessed.

Besides her Beauty, what about your Lady inspires you?

Your opponent in a pas d'armes loses his grip and is disarmed. What shall you do?

At a helm show before a tourney, a Lady makes complaint against a combatant's Courtesy. What should be done?

Which is the greater Virtue; Courage, Prowess, or Loyalty?

What is a consort's most important duty to her fighter?

Should a tournament combatant be allowed to fight for his own Honour instead of a Lady's?

Is Fealty sworn to the man or the office?

How is Glory different than Honor?

Tell us about a time when the inspiration of a Consort affected the outcome of a fight.

What is nobility?

What is renown, and how is it earned?

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Lord Crispin d'Ardenne