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Gather round and listen, discover who's who in Ben Dubh...

J. Waterhouse; a Tale from Decameron

(Click on a name to find out about them!) (most under construction)

Sir Ian Ben Dubh, Knight of the SCA
Lady Isabhelina Medeiros Ben Dubh

Lord Crispin d'Ardenne, Sergeant
Lady Iseult du Soleil, privilege
Gloriana, ward
Gareth, ward

Lord Llywellyn ap Gwyn of Anglesey, Sergeant
Lady Branwen ferch Rhodri Gwynedd

Lord Gareth de Mountayne, Squire

Lord Devlin Macleod,squire

Tatheg O'Brian, squire


Lord Harailt of Dinsmore, squire
Lady Dinah

Lord Tymm Gard Colbert, squire

I am still awaiting information from most everyone, but as I get it I will develop individual pages for each of these wonderful people.

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