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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's with all the medieval stuff?
I am a member of an international non-profit organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA for short. Members of the SCA gather for weekend events (sometimes longer) and assume personas anywhere from 600-1600 AD for our own edification and entertainment. This usually includes fighting, feasting, dancing, attending their majesties' court, and any number of arts and sciences from the middle ages. I could go on forever about the SCA, since it is something different for everyone, but I see it as a forum for Chivalry, Honor and Love, where I have the opportunity to display and nurture these traits so often missing in the modern world. Everyone that attends the event must, at a minimum, be dressed appropriately, as these gathering are for our own entertainment and edification, and not a display for the public. See the SCA home page for vast amounts of information and a great FAQ page.

2. What is a Ben Dubh?
Ben Dubh (pronounced "Ben Doo") is the surname of a knight of the SCA, Sir Ian Ben Dubh and is also the name of the mountain in Scotland where he is from. Remember Rob Roy's breathtaking opening scene? That's the mountain. Ian is quite possibly the most chivalrous man I have ever met, and he is a knight of a gentle nature and great prowess (translated: he hits really hard and fast and accurately, but not as hard as he could if he wanted to). I have been fortunate to have received squirehood from this man. Ben Dubh also refers to Ian's household, which is the group of us who have given our allegiance to him; "fealty" if you will.

3. Who are the Companions of the Silver Swan?
Who are les Compagnions du Cygne d'Argent?

The Companions of the Silver Swan are a tourney group. We are a group of SCA members that were exposed to another tourney group, the Company of the Star, and were forever enlightened by the experience. After experiencing how a tourney can be run in which the focus is the behaviour of the combatants and the ideals of chivalry, love and honor, we realized that we had to try to give this experience to others as well. We hope that others will take up the banner, bringing forth a revolution of heraldry, chivalry, and courtesy! So we have written a charter and have held two tourneys, with plans for more.

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