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Welcome to Reviving Chivalry!
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The Companions of the Silver Swan
A Modern Medieval Tournament Company

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Who, What & Why

     We are a small group of like-minded gentles who particpate in medieval combat activities within the confines of an organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). This society recreates many aspects of medieval life, but we have joined together to promote a very specific part of that recreation; the tournament of Chivalry. We have members in three kingdoms, Trimaris (Florida), Meridies (Georgia), and Atlantia (South Carolina).

We are

      Lord Crispin d'Ardenne & Lady Iseult du Soleil
      Lord Llywelyn ap Gwyn Anglesey & Lady Branwen ferch Rhodri Gwynedd
      Lord Harailt of Dinsmoore & Lady Dinah bint Ismail
      Lord Lorrcan MacDara, who honours Her Excellency, Erika Bjornsdottir
      Lord Tatheg O'Brian, a gentleman and bachelor squire
      Lord Agami Ryu no Minamoto, Herald King of Arms to the Company
      Earl Michael Bohun & Lady Ysabeau de Bohun
      Master Geoffrey MacDomhuill

     Up to this point we have held several challenge tournaments, each of them with a different theme, but all of them focusing on the conduct of the participants, rather than the simple determination of victory or defeat. We have been fortunate to host tournois in Trimaris at Coronation, Winter Arts and Sciences Faire, and at Gulf Wars, and we plan to continue to hold these small tourneys whenever we can. (See the Events page for details) We have found that while the magic of a chivalric gathering comes from the nobility and grace of the particpants, it takes a full year of hard work and planning to set the stage for such activity.

     We do not currently have sufficient membership to host our own event and tournament, though we hope to do so one day. We will happily discuss the planning of tournaments with a similar focus, and we invite everyone to try this format, but beware! Once you begin to play this way, you will be swept away by it! You will be overwhelmed by people's generosity, courage, chivalry, love, and honour. We are constantly humbled by the display of virtue and courtesy that emerges during a tournament, and we strive constantly to keep the tourney worthy of such honest giving.

Our Charter, the declaration of our purpose, can be seen here.

     Please contact the Company through the following email list. We are always eager to hear news of the world, share a tale of chivalry, or speak on matters of the tourney!

Email :

What we require to Participate:
A consort present at the tournament field.
An attitude which facilitates the conduct of the tournament (both combatant and consort).

What we would like to see:
Each combatant with a matching shield, tabard and banner.
Each combatant with an attending page and herald.
Ladies that get involved with the conduct of the tournament.

In addition, I highly recommend this page: How a man shall prepare himself for the Tournament

For a great Glossary of terms, visit this site hosted by the Company of Saint George: Chronique