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Legends of the Swan

a challenge tournament held at Trimaris Winter Arts & Sciences Faire, January 2001

We will be holding this challenge tournament format again at
Gulf Wars X
in March, 2001
The tourney is planned for Wednesday evening, beginning at 5PM.
Please contact me if you want to enter the tourney.

The conduct of the tourney:

    We will be honoring the Swan in medieval legend. Three stories in particular have stolen our hearts, and each will be a theme for a round in the tourney. The first is the legend of the Swan Maiden, the second is the legend of the Seven Swan Princes, and the third is the legend of the Swan Knight. We will regale the gallery with these tales before each round, and the combat will relate to the tales as well. As always, be prepared for anything. Ladies, if you are knowledgeable about the fighting arts your choices will be the easier!
    If you plan on coming to the pas d'armes, but have never been to one of our tourneys, please read about our past ventures and email me with any questions or ideas you have.

Round the First:
Read the Legend of the Swan Maiden
After the Swan Maiden arrives to view the tourney, the tourney will begin with a grand melee.

Round the Second:
Read the Legend of the Seven Swan Princes
The second round will be single sword combat.

Round the Third:
Read the Legend of the Swan Knight
The third round will be ladies choice.
Ladies may confer with combatants or other members of the gallery, but not their own consort.

Lord Crispin d'Ardenne