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Welcome to Crispin's link page!

J. Waterhouse, Tristram and Isolde

I have visited a myriad of sites in search of education and entertainment and these are a few of the gems that are out there.

The Society for Creative Anachronism Home Page: an international non-profit organization recreating the Middle Ages for education and personal edification. See the excellent introduction if you are a newcomer or would like more information.

The Weasel Patrol Main Page: A collaboration of some of the local SCAdians in the shire of Arenal..Pictures of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Compagnie du Soleil: a 14th-15th century SCA tournament group, based in the Chicago area.

The Company of Saint George: a 14th-15th century SCA tournament group, the leaders in the field, in my opinion. If you don't have a copy of Sir Brion's Book of the Tournament, by all means get one! Their Company is based in the West.

The Tenans of Noble Folly: A phenomenal tournament group.

The Company of Saint Gabriel: Another great tournament group, this one based in Calontir.

On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies: "An academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars..."

The complete works of Shakespeare: "Remember with advantages..."

Shanachie entertainment: Celtic music site...where else can you find Silly Wizard? I also recommend Solas and, of course, anything with bagpipes.

The Camelot Project of the University of Rochester: Text and some images about Arthur and his round table

CGFA: A toil of love showing an unbelievable amount of the world's fine art.

Riddler: A fun site that will challenge your mental acuity. Try the daily riddle, membership is free.

The JRR Tolkein information page: A site full of sites dedicated to this famous author of The Lord of the Rings, my favorite story.

TUCOWS: Software of all kinds.

Bezerk: Cool multiplayer games: "You Don't Know Jack" and "Acrophobia"...they're worth the lengthy download time.

related sites for Knighthood, Chivalry and Tournaments: Unique SCA and Chivalry oriented sites

APA document manual: Instructional site on writing research papers in the APA format

Latin dictionary and grammar help: Translate your mottoe and get it right the first time

Blue Mountain Arts: send very cool virtual greeting cards for free!

John Sankey, Harpsichordist to the Internet: This guy's midis are the best. You are listening to one right now!

MapBlast!: Maps and directions to just about anywhere.

eBay!: Personal trading center. The best auction site I have found.

Chain letter Gallery of terror: Stupid chain letter e-mails really torque me sometimes. Go see this site and laugh, laugh, laugh.

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