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The Companions of the Silver Swan
A Modern Medieval Tournament Company

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The Charter of the Companions of the Silver Swan

May it be known to all by this Charter that we, les Compagnions du Cygne d'Argent, the Companions of the Silver Swan, make our declaration before heaven to honor and exalt the noble art of Arms and Chivalry.

That we declare that true Victory lies in the defense of Virtue.

That our humble company undertakes to advance the cause of Chivalry; which cause we shall strive to further by relentlessly pursuing the art of defense and by endeavoring to the height of nobility and courtesy through speech, manner and appearance.

That our companions shall be known by a red cloak adorned with a swan naiant argent.

That ladies are worth defending and that there is no other reason for our presence on the field; and that the formation of this company is dedicated to that purpose.

These ladies worth and inspiration is obvious to all, but even so they shall be given and invited to wear the company's token; a red scarf with the silver swan.