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Tatheg O'Brian: Gentleman by birth, Irish by the grace of God.
Tatheg (pronounced Tate) is the fourth son of an Irish Lord, Aed O'Brian, of the clan O'Brian. Born in 1230 AD and being of such grand lineage (directly descended from Brian Boru) Tatheg was brought up with most of the essential things a good son of Ireland should have; an education provided at the monastery in Kilkenny, in which he learned Latin, French, German and English.
He was also schooled in the martial arts (as the 4th son his only career path was a military one). He was fostered at the age of 6 to his Uncle Brian O'Brian in county Kildare where he learned the care of horses, arms and armour. Since reaching the age of maturity he has been seeking fame and fortune. Unfortunately he gained some infamy while in Dublin, something to do with his appreciation of an English Earl's daughter or perhaps his horses (his family claims it was the horses). After all who would want anything to do with an English woman?
Since then he has been seeking his fortune elsewhere, mainly in the company of German knights who have given him ample chance to prove his metal in Poland, Latvia and Estonia. Tatheg has done fairly well for himself; he now owns 2 sets of armour, 3 horses and several fine swords, daggers, axes and pole arms.

His device is per bend sinister azure and vert, a boar rampant contourny and a goat argent.

His badge is: per bend sinister azure and vert three boars passant sinister argent.

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