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The Companions of the Silver Swan
A Modern Medieval Tournament Company

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The Three Queens of Avalon
Challenge Tournament

Trimaris Winter Arts & Sciences, 1999
Let the Pictures tell the story...

Tenants (Swans) helms displayed ~ Venants (Challengers) helms displayed

New Swans are inducted ~ The Companions of the Silver Swan

Llywelyn presents his lady, Branwen ferch Rhodri Gwynedd ~ Harailt presents his lady, Dinah bint Ismail

Lord Montgomery arrives ~ He pleads his case to the 3 Queens of Avalon ~ The field of honour

Montgomery and the Black Knight

The Venants

The combatants prepare for a melee

Lord Crispin and Master Geoffrey ~ Lord Harailt and Lord Andrew

The combatants gather for Round Two

The Black Knight is tasked to find 3 people who will speak well of him ~ Three "ladies" from the gallery

The Quest of Andrew Montgomery
(Pictures and commentary)