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Virtual reality
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Nintendo surgery
Man and Machine Become One
Robots May Fight Future Wars: British Expert
Virtual Reality & Virtual Simulation Site
Virtual Reality in Education
Simulator Sickness in Virtual Environments
Air Force 2025
Army Testers Developing the Combat Synthetic Test and Training Assessment Range (STTAR)
Virtual Reality Technologies, Deutschland
Virtual Reality Internet Resource Archive

( This last link contains further links to:)
Combat Training, NPSNET Research Group, Naval Postgraduate School
Hubble Space Telescope Repair Training System, STB VR Lab, Johnson Space Center
The Learning Center, Human Interface Technology Lab, Univ. of Washington
The Networked Virtual Art Museum, Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University
Project ScienceSpace, STB VR Lab, Johnson Space Center
Virtual Environment Testbed, Institute for Simulation and Training, Univ. of Central Florida

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Military uses of Virtual Reality
Commercial uses of Virtual Reality
Other uses of VR

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