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     We have held several tournaments where the focus of the tourney was the conduct of the combatants and not on the "winner" of the fight.
     We have been astounded at the outpouring of effort and emotion that comes when people are given the chance to display their ideals in this format.
     Our plan is to continue to hold tournaments of this type, and we hope each is better than the one before it. We desire to do something different each time, to keep the format fresh and exciting for everyone involved.

     Please note that we host mainly Challenge Tournaments, where challengers are selected before the tourney. Because of the size and scope of what we propose to do, there must be a very limited number of combatants. If you know you will be at an event and would like to participate, simply contact me and we will work something out. Also, there are often openings that are filled at the last minute, so it never hurts to ask!

Future Events:

None planned at this time. though we have hosted a challenge tourney at the last several Gulf Wars, we have no plan to do so at this time.
Gulf Wars X
March, 2001

Past Events:

The Lady of the Forest of Hearts

The Tournament of the Silver Tree

The Quest of Andrew Montgomery and the tourney of the Three Queens of Avalon
(the Quest)  (the Tournois)

Gulf Wars VIII; The Wildmen of the Forest

The Ladies' Invitational

Gulf Wars IX; The 3 Queens of Avalon

Gulf Wars X: Legends of the Swan A Celebration of the Union of Ysabeau & Michael

Legends of the Swan

Please contact me for further information!

Lord Crispin d'Ardenne