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Welcome to Reviving Chivalry!
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The Companions of the Silver Swan
A Modern Medieval Tournament Company

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1. Tournament Companies
The Right Noble Company of Saint George: 14th-15th century, based in the West.
The Company of Saint Michael the Defender: 1325-1425, based in the Northeast US.
The Company of Saint Gabriel: 1325-1425, based in Calontir.
The Tenans of Noble Folly: 14th-15th century
The Grand Company of the Peacock: 14th century, based in Illinois and Wisconsin.
The Tenans de la Flame: based in the Middle Kingdom.
The Compagnie du Soliel: 14th-15th century. Middle Kingdom?
The Company of Saint Olaf: 14th century. Eastern USA
2. Articles and Essays
How a Man Shall Prepare Himself for the Tourney
What is a pas d'armes?: Written by Sir Talbot of the Grand Company of the Peacock
The Deeds of Jacques de Lalaing, Feats of Arms of a 15th Century Knight: Written by S. Matthew Galas
Tales from Froissart, The Tournament at St. Inglevert: edited by Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing University
The Tournament in the Romances of Chrétien de Troyes & L'Histoire de Guillaume Le Maréchal :written by Larry D. Benson
3. Medieval Links
The Society for Creative Anachronism Home Page
On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies: "An academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars..."
The Complete Works of Shakespeare: "Remember with advantages..."
The Camelot Project of the University of Rochester: Text and some images about Arthur and his round table
Latin dictionary and grammar help: Translate your mottoe and get it right the first time.
Crafty Celts Jewelers
The Behourdium according to Rene
Les tres riches heures de Jean Duc de Berry One of the finest examples of calligraphy and illumination.
An anachronist's encyclopedia
14th century resource page
Plans for medieval galeries, furniture, etc. Thank you Lord Charles Oakley!!!!
Medieval life An independent publication supported by the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York
Renaissance Arts: The very best in medieval T-shirts and custom designs
GAA Armouries: High quality stainless steel armours, and discussion on all aspects of armour

4. Miscellaneous Links
APA document manual: Instructional site on writing research papers in the APA format
MapBlast!: Maps and directions to just about anywhere.
Chain letter Gallery of terror: Check out the site and stop forwarding that nonsense.
Computer Virus myths: OK here's another one you should check out.
Beaucoup: A phenomenal list of search engines
Webmonkey: How to design webpages, write code, etc. If you have/want/need a webpage, this site is invaluable.
Carol Gerten Fine Arts: A wonderful collection of the very best quality.
Boogie Jack's:Free Unique graphics & tutorials, an unparalleled newsletter, & don't miss the celebrity warped photo contest!

Lord Crispin d'Ardenne