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Gulf Wars IX
The 3 Queens of Avalon

a challenge tournament and quest

We will be holding a challenge tournament at Gulf Wars on Wednesday at 1PM. We intend to invite those that we see about the site that inspire us with their acts of courtesy and chivalry. Since the tourney will be early in the war, please let us know if you are interested in this tourney and will definitely be there!

We are a small company and can only host a few combatants as challengers!
The Ladies of the Swan have the invitations and will be looking for those who inspire them to invite to the tourney.

The conduct of the tourney:

The Three Queens of Avalon have come forward and are seeking champions during Arthur's absence. The three queens will be selected by lottery from the ladies' gallery. They will take their seats along with any other Royals present, and the tourney will then begin with a procession of the tenants: the Companions of the Silver Swan will present their ladies to the assembled royalty. Then the venants. The Herald King of Arms will read the Charter of the company and call all combatants to look to their honor.

The tourney will be conducted in 3 rounds:

Round 1: The Mysteries of the Grail:
Each of the Swans ("Tenants") shall challenge a Venant to single combat, a plaisance to odd numbered counted blows.

Round 2: The Cave of the Heart:
Each of the Venants shall challenge a Tenant, a plaisance to odd numbered counted blows.

Round 3: the Fellowship of the Round Table:
The ladies' gallery shall pair up a venant and tenant to make teams of two. The teams will be tied together with a short length of rope, and shall take the field for a grand melee. Both team members must survive for the team to be victorious.

At the conclusion of the third round, the 3 Queens shall select a Champion, and he and any Venants who desire shall be given a Quest, which they shall endeavor to complete before Saturday morning. Saturday morning the Companions shall host a breakfast at 8 AM, before the day's battles begin.

The Quests are intended to further the purposes of Chivalry, Courtesy, and all the knightly virtues. It is the hope of the Company that a questing knight might gain some increase in love from his very gentle lady by his undertaking. While some of the Quests might be very difficult to accomplish, all are reminded that the Journey is what is truly important, not the destination.

Link to Gulf Wars schedule

Lord Crispin d'Ardenne